7 Simple Daily Habits that Will Make You Less Wasteful

Being wasteful has many drawbacks. It is bad for the environment and for your wallet. If you want to change your wasteful ways this gives you great advice for doing that. Adopt these habits if you want to see improvement. It will be better for you in many areas. You’ll see your resources going further.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trying to live environmentally friendly can seem daunting
  • With 7 easy changes, you can reduce your waste output
  • Getting in the “green” mindset just takes simply lifestyle changes every day

“Not only does swapping your standard plastic water bottle for a glass one shrink your carbon footprint, but it also guarantees toxic chemicals from the plastic aren’t leeching into your agua.”


How Gallery Walls are Like Cats (And Why Your Home Probably Needs One)

Having a gallery wall in your home is similar to having a cat, in that you can fit things almost anywhere. You do not need to be shy away from awkward corners and spaces, but instead use them. This article has several examples with pictures to help inspire you to get started.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assorted frames beautify awkward spaces.
  • Framed art for any wall.
  • Add a gallery arrangement to any home.

“When it comes to the tiniest slivers of wall, either leave them alone, or make them totally stand out with a tower of frames, as seen here from Elle Decor.”


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Composition tips: simplification and negative space

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