Customer Testimonials

"I have never received such wonderful personal customer service….EVER and I buy most things on line! Thank you!!!"

Ashley C. from Bossier City, LA on 10/22/10


"Thank you very much for your Great service. You have just earned yourself a life time customer. "

William L. from Brooklyn, NY on 12/21/10


"The website is very easy to go thru.  The selection and customer service was great.  Also the follow up was really nice and personable ( I like that )."

JS on 1/20/11

"Your wonderful customer service and help has made me a loyal customer and I look forward to ordering from you again in the future. We are enjoying our frames and our wall looks great."  

Carolyn P. from New York, NY on 2/9/10


"Thanks for your great customer service!  Aunt Hilda is delighted with her frames and unaware there was any problem. My business husband, who knows quite a lot about customer relations, gives you an A+. Thanks Again"

Pamela F. from Brevard, NC


"You went above and beyond to get a gift frame there on time for christmas.  I would recommend you to anyone needing a frame, and will shop with you again!"

Tammy B. from State College, PA on 1/11/11


"I appreciate your prompt response on my website order issue earlier this week, and your prompt response tonight.  I wish all e-businesses were like!"

Kimberly M. from Decatur, GA on 9/22/10


"Your Picture Frames is a great site, with a wide selection and great customer service."

Kerry D. from Carmichael, CA on 1/10/11


"I just wanted to say you have a very well organized site. It was easy to find exactly what I needed. It is also probably the easiest site I have ever processed an order through. Thank you."

Douglas B. from Wellesley, MA on 12/6/09


"Thank you! the frame is exactly what I needed."

Jan M. from Forest Hills, NY on 11/9/10


"Your service is first class and I will remain a loyal customer and tell my friends and family about your wonderful site."

Cassie H. from Hackensack, NY on 11/23/10


"Great place to get hard-to-find colors in larger sizes."

Rozanne M. from Ohama, NE on 1/10/11


"Thank you so much for your personal attention and extra help with my order! I truly appreciate your awesome customer service!!"

Nina C. from Sandy, UT on 5/12/10


"This is the first time I have placed an order with you company and I will definitely go back to your site when I need more framing."

Roger M. from Alexandria, VA on 12/22/10


"Frame was of a high quality and as depicted."

Mary L. from Plano, TX on 1/11/11


"I received both frames and absolutely love them! "

Carolyn T. from Atlanta, GA on 10/31/10


"Thank you for your help. It is refreshing to deal with someone who is so understanding."

Kellie C. from Tigard, OR on 12/22/09


"Thanks so much.  I got the frames today and they are beautiful!"

Karen O. from Alexandria, VA on 9/28/10


"I really appreciate the time you have spent describing the frames to me. It is nice to find someone who actually knows something about frames and how they work w/ the picture! You are a valuable asset to your company!"  

Susan B. from Columbus, OH on 6/4/10


"Just wanted to let you know I received the frames and they look lovely. Thanks again for your assistance. "

Amanda Z. from Morristown, NJ on 9/21/10


"Your Picture Frames has a wide variety of reasonably-priced picture frames and mats.  I've been very pleased with the quality and customer service I've received."

Kristin W. from Greenwood, IN on 1/19/11


"Thanks for a wonderful product!"

Sheryl S. from Harvey, LA on 2/18/10


"Yes, I received them and I love them!! Have a wonderful holiday!!"

Fran N. from Yardley, PA on 11/25/10


"Excellent products!  Professional personal attention."

Roger M. from Alexandria, VA on 1/10/11


"All of the frames I've purchased from you have been such great additions to my small (but growing) collection . . . such beautiful quality, I'm so very pleased."

Lisa G. from Los Angeles, CA on 8/11/10


"The frame I ordered and made it to Wisconsin already with the standard ground shipping, so everyone was happily surprised.  Won't know until it is opened how good a job we did a good job selecting from your incredible selection. but I'm sure my mom will be happy. The new frame will be a great improvement from the cardboard her mother and father have been looking out from all these years ?- )"

Bob T. from Fairbanks, AK on 12/24/10

"That is very nice of you to give me a full refund. Thank you very much for your quick response and for making this as easy as possible."

Amy Sue S. from Medina, TN on 8/7/10


"Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service! We really appreciate your assistance."

Nan B from Radford, VA on 8/6/10


That is very nice of you to give me a full refund. Thank you very much for your quick response and for making this as easy as possible

"Thank you for being so informative and organized!"

Hallie R. from Jackson, MI on 7/31/10


"Thank you so much...I appreciate the great customer service.  I will definetly return as a customer.  Thanks again!"

Paul C. from Montclair, VA on 5/4/10


"The frames just arrived!! Thanks for all your help! They are beautiful; excellent quality."

Stephanie K. from Atlanta, GA on 9/15/10


"We received our frame that we ordered and we couldn't be more pleased. The glass and picture fit perfectly. It looks wonderful. Thank you again. "

Ronald C from Plymouth MA on 6/30/10


"Thank you for your help.  I will definitely visit your site again."

Robert A. from Pearl City, HI on 10/12/09


"I did receive the refund via PayPal.  Thank you for your attention to this.  I will order again in the future."

Debra D. from Niwot, CO on 11/28/10


"We searched locally and online for the particular size shadow box frames. We wanted wood, needed a shallow interior and had to buy four. There were plenty of wrong sizes and colors in stores and online. Only Your Picture Frames had exactly what we needed, they were in stock and they were delivered promptly. Thank you."

Cher R. from Las Vegas, CA on 1/11/11


"Nice frames at reasonable prices!"

Barb K. from Baker, MT on 1/16/11


"Thank you for the great customer service and personal phone call. I received my frames today,as promised, and they are beautiful!"

Susan V from Marlton, NJ on 9/14/09


"Many thanks for all the great service"

Kathleen P. from Columbia, MD on 10/19/10


"I did receive the frames. They look fantastic."

Lisa F. from Montak, NY on 6/19/10

"What fabulous customer service you deliver!!  You have gone way above and beyond, and I love to write to companies about special people like you.  You definitely even had more than an "A" game going today.  I guess I am getting at the fact that I honestly feel that you were working for me, the customer in many ways.  You heard what I said when I spoke, and you took it on, with no promises, but a "we'll check". That is more than I could have asked for.  I certainly hope that you are always treated with kindness from anyone whom you may come into contact with.  You deserve it.  Thank you for your checking and double checking.  I actually had a situation come up where it was essential for me to push to pull this off before my husband returns, and I have all the faith in the world I can do it!!  With someone like you in my corner, I know I will do great. Please rest tonight when you put your head on your pillow and know that you really made a spectacular impression on someone today, a lasting impression that stamps the word "class" all over you.  I hope you will have the opportunity to receive receipt and acknowledgement of the letter I am writing to the company about my absolutely fantastic experience with you. Thanks and have a great night!"

Gina K. from Glen Elyyn, IL on 6/16/10


"Great selection of quality frames at affordable prices."

Alexandra R. from Chicago, IL on 1/10/11


"I want you to know I am very very pleased with my frames."

George D. from New York, NY on 7/4/10


"I like the frames that we received so much that I'd like to order three more."

Shanna O. from Petaluma, CA on 8/19/10


"Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly with a voice mail and e-mail regarding the back order of the original 5x7 frames I ordered. Thank you again.  Great responsiveness!"

Barbara D. from Bloomingdale, NY on 11/5/09


"I wanted to let you know that I received the picture frame this week and it is exactly what I wanted.  Thank you for your past updates on my order and your kind service."

Elaine S. from Earlysville, VA on 9/4/10


"I received my frames yesterday.  VERY fast delivery."

Shanna O. from Petaluma, CA on 8/24/10

"The frames have arrived and they are perfect.  I will be ordering more frames (as a customer, not a guest). Thank you."

Johanna R. from Moretown, VT on 10/14/10


"Thank you very much for your email.  Thank you also for your prompt refund!  I appreciate it very much!  You are so very nice! I hope you have a nice day!"

Ann Y. from San Francisco, CA on 8/19/10


"Thanks so much for your immediate response"

Lisa W. from West Lafayette, IN on 9/28/10


"Thank you!  I appreciate your e-mail communications."

Joe M. from Akron, OH on 11/12/10


"Thank you for your support in getting the framing order to me. We have framed all the works and installed them for the upcoming exhibition."

Randall H. from Brooklyn, NY on 1/5/10


"Thank you Corinne.  I appreciate you looking after my order. These frames are for a special event I'm doing for my parents 50th anniversary and their friend's 35th anniversary.  Before and after pics - one from the wedding of each, and another current.  I'm hoping the event attendees will sign the mats as part of the event. Anyway, just thought I'd tell you what the frames are for - since you probably never hear that part of the story. Have a good day."

Cindy S. from San Jose, CA on 11/4/10


"Thanks for your prompt attention."

Caroline D. from Waynesboro, PA on 11/19/10


"Thanks for all your help with everything.  You were very easy to work with, and I appreciate that.  We will certainly keep in mind in the future when we need to make any orders."

Marcy H. from Portland, OR on 10/8/09


"That is some great customer service!"

Amanda B. on 1/29/10


"My Italian grandmother’s picture will look super in them!  Can’t wait to give them to my brother and sister for Christmas. Wishing you a Merry Christmas."

Kaye W. from Tustin, CA on 11/30/10


"I've received the 4  Classic Silver leaf frames and the green jeweled Tiffany frame.  They are beautiful and compliment my photographs very well! Thanks very much."

Cassie H. from Hackensack, NJ on 11/10/10


"Thanks so much for letting me know.  I didn't expect it by Christmas, but VERY MUCH appreciate the follow up!  Happy Holidays!"

Liz P. from San Diego, CA on 12/22/10


"Yes please cancel my order. I will definitely still recommend you to friends and will probably be coming back because of this great and quick customer service :) Thank you very much"

Felixia R. from Morris, MI on 8/23/10


"Wow, you guys are great!  I think that cost was reasonable to get it there in time.  My mom said two packages arrived yesterday, so she must've gotten it.  Thanks so much!!  (originally, I picked a frame here to mail, and realized that it would be easier to find one online and let you mail it ... I didn't have proper boxes or packing!). Have a wonderful Christmas!!"

Tammy B. from State College, PA on 12/24/10


"Thanks for your nice message to let us know what's up with the order.  Take care and have a Merry Christmas."

Daniel H from Fairfax, VA on 12/2/09


"Thank your frames."

Jeanne C. from Hinsdale, IL on 12/8/10


"Thank you, Corinne, I appreciate your assistance and well wishes so much. We are looking forward to receiving our frames. They will be used on the reception tables and we believe they will look fabulous!!"

Pam B. from Santa Maria, CA on 7/21/10


"Thanks for letting me know about the frame.  I think they are so pretty and I would love to wait for them. Thanks so much! "

Sarah Q. from Uniondale, NY on 11/10/10


"Thank you so much. Your follow-up and attention to detail throughout this whole process is SO appreciated!!"

Lindsey K. from Chicago, IL on 11/11/09


"Thank you for your quick response, and for getting them to me in time for Christmas."

Pam H.R. from Naples, Florida on 12/17/10


"Thank you for your call today and you assistance.  I really appreciate it!  "

Jacqueline L. from Mt Pleasant, SC on 9/27/10


"I appreciate your understanding.  I will be back to your site in the future as you have good prices."

Darleen S. from Orchard Park, NY on 12/15/10


"Thank you so much for letting me know.  I really appreciate your prompt response and efforts to accommodate this order.  These frames are all for my daughter for Christmas.  She  was just married last year, my baby girl!  She wants to start a vintage heirloom wall collection of her engagement and wedding photos.  I've attached a few pics of her wedding. Thank you so much again. May you and yours have a most blessed Merry Christmas"

Cheryl M. from Jackson, MI on 12/17/10


"Thanks for everything. I'll buy more frames in the future!"

Robin S. from Saratoga, CA on 5/20/10


"Again, thank you so very much for responding to my question. THANKS SO MUCH for ALL your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Thanks, again for ALL your help and quick responses.  I appreciate it very much."

Anne R on 12/20/10


"Thank you, Mom said it did arrive today . She will use it for the wall . Thank you "

April Y. from Federalsburg, MD on 11/22/10


"Thank you so much. I really appreciate it, and this is a big help considering our budget. We may come back soon for more frames :)"

Elhaam Y. from New York City, NY on 6/29/10


"Thank you very much Corinne! You have been a huge help!"

Drew S. from Palm Bay, FL on 6/8/10


"Thanks for all your help Lori.  If the frame is as good as the service I will be buying more!"

Jane M. from Wonder Lake, IL on 11/19/10


"Thanks so much for the update!!!!! Once again thanks so much for your help with my order. Nice dealing with someone so pleasant.......Thanks again for all your help. Nice to know that there are still pleasant people out there to deal with. Once again, have a good week. Nice knowing you.....Will keep your name for the future. "

Joan M. from Forest Hills, NY on 11/2/10


"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly."

Katherine V. from New York, NY on 12/1/10


"Thanks for all your help with this.  I will be ordering more from you. You have great products and provide great service."

Cassie H. from Hackensack, NY on 11/12/10

Why Buy From Us?

  • Quality Products

    "The frames have arrived and they are perfect. Thank you."
    Johanna R from Moretown, VT

    Enormous Selection

    "You were the only place I could find navy blue square frames plus that you offered so many other colors I almost changed my mind on the color I wanted."
    Maggie C from Chicago, IL

    90 Day Return Policy

    "Thank you for your prompt refund! I appreciate it very much!"
    Ann Y from San Francisco CA

    Exceptional Service

    "I would recommend you to anyone needing a frame, and will shop with you again!"
    Tammy B from State College, PA

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