Picture Frame Articles

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Picture Frame
Learn the top 3 questions you should ask to help narrow down your picture frame search

Ready Made vs. Custom Picture Frames
Understand the basics about ready made frames so you can get the right frame at the right price.

Should I Use Glass Or Acrylic?
Understand the different uses of glass versus acrylic so you’ll always pick the right one for your picture frame.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Picture and Frame
Once you get your picture in its frame, there are a few things you can do to keep your picture and frame looking good for years.

How to care for your Frame and Picture
If you want to enjoy your picture frame for years to come, here are a few simple steps you can do to keep your frame looking beautiful.

All About Mats
Mats are a fantastic way to make your picture pop and impress your friends with your photography talent.

Understanding Picture Frame Sizes
Picture Frames come in a huge selection of sizes but they are generally categorized into standard and non-standard sizes.

Picture Frame Hardware
When you buy a frame, you always want to make sure that you have everything you need to hang or stand your picture frame the way you want.

How to Install Your Wall Frame Hardware
Learn tips and tricks on how to properly install hanging hardware for your wall picture frame.

How to Hang Your Pictures On the Wall
There are really three main ways to hang frames on a wall. Learn about them here.

Personalized Picture Frames
Need a nice gift fast but have no idea what to get? Well, you finally found your answer- personalized picture frames

Shadow Box Frames
Shadow boxes offer a great way to display your favorite pictures and collectibles.

Collage Frames
Collage frames are a great economical way to display multiple small pictures without having to buy an individual frame for each photo.

Creating a Family Tradition with Scrapbook Frames
Learn how you can have fun with scrapbook frames and create a family tradition that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Top 7 Most Popular Baby Frames
Learn the seven most popular types of baby picture frames that make terrific baby keepsakes.

4 Unique Types of Wedding Frames that Turn Heads
Learn four unique types of wedding frames that will protect special wedding memories and create a beautiful keepsake that every bride will love.

The Trick to Buying Anniversary Frames
Learn the trick to selecting an anniversary frame that will be a sought-after family heirloom and fit within anyone's budget.

8 Different Uses of Double Picture Frames
Double picture frames have a lot of different uses so here are 8 different ways to decorate with double frames or give them as great gifts.

Triple Picture Frame Power
Learn the four main uses of triple picture frames and how you can create a beautiful picture wall display for less money.

The Confusion Around Magnetic Picture Frames
Understand the difference between traditional and modern magnetic picture frames so you'll save time and money in always getting the right kind of frame.

How to Select An Oval Frame
If you're not sure how to select an oval frame that will look great with your picture, ask yourself these three important questions.

Steps for Preparing An Oval Picture Frame
Follow these simple steps and you'll have your oval picture frame ready to be displayed in record time.

Round Picture Frames that Look Great
Understand the tips and tricks of how to select a round picture frame that will look great with your favorite photo.

A Graduation Frame that Lasts
Don't want your graduation gift to be thrown away when the celebration is over? See the six types of graduation frames that make great graduation gifts and will be enjoyed for years to come.



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