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Bamboo Picture Frames

The beautiful distinct pattern of bamboo and its environmental charm makes bamboo picture frames one of a kind. Bamboo photo frames are so unique because they look like wood but they're really made of grass. Bamboo is actually a grass that grows incredibly fast and can be harvested and replanted every 5 years with virtually no impact to the environment.

This makes your bamboo frame super environmentally friendly and a hot stylish product that will never go out of style. And by buying renewable products like bamboo, or rubberwood, you're helping to save our dwindling forests and increasing the demand for sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

You'll really love your bamboo picture frame and will feel great knowing that you're making a difference to the environment one frame at a time.

And, if you love the look of bamboo but don't necessarily want your frame to be made out of it, then make sure to look at out our Bamboo Styled Picture Frames by clicking the link below.  All of our Bamboo Styled Picture Frames are made to look like bamboo but are made out of metal or wood.